Thursday, May 22, 2014

Moviemaking is a Slow Process

Rosemary and I chatted with this production assistant for Black Mass.   He says he gets plenty of work in Mass., even though he is freelance.  Check out the badge the crew wears.

Part of the story takes place in Belfast, Ireland.  They fixed up Warren St. to portray Belfast.  Here's some 70s-era IRA graffitti.

Here they are shooting at night.  The director, in the upper left, wore a Ghostbusters tee shirt.

The people in the window had a great view.  The white building in the background shows up so well because they had bunches of lights in its parking lot pointing up.  We wondered why they wanted it to show up.  My theory is that the extra light made it look as though there were bunches of tall building out there, like this little neighborhood was on the edge of a thriving metropolis.  If you have other theories, please share them.

 A man makes a call in a phonebooth, then walks up the street.  You can see him on the right.  He's wearing a suit.  They did about one million takes.

This woman is ready for Johnny.

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