Saturday, October 18, 2014

South End Historical Society House Tour

Rosemary and I went on the South End H.S. House tour.  We saw six row houses all built in the 19th century.  One was completely modern inside; the others were less renovated.  These houses are tall and thin; from 3 to 5 stories.  You get developed calf muscles living in one of these.

Since Photographing the insides of the house was not allowed, I only took a few outside shots of the beautiful South End.

 Poor Steve!  He fell.

"On the parlor level stairs, notice only one cast-iron Rinceau handrail.  The second was sold to neighbors at 146 West Newton Street many decades ago."

 We thought the black screen made this look like the Chrysler Building--sort of.

I like this bike!

The Children's Art Center was a bathroom stop for house tourists.

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