Friday, July 25, 2008

Vacation Photos..

..will be posted after I get back from Canada. In the meantime enjoy this one from Chuck 'n' Jerry.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Chuck Wanted to Know... my garden was growing. Here you see the catnip plant I bought, and in the background you may notice green things sprouting. They may be the things I planted, or repeats from last summer. You should also note my new patio fence. Note that it is a hot day, nearly 90, and that it is supposed to be hotter and humider tomorrow. Then it will rain, and the slugs will come out. The cats are always bringing slugs inside, and then slime gets on the carpet.

I did a little more scanning today. I found out that the scanners at the Science Center computer lab were better than the one at Lamont.
My Dad was here on Monday-Tuesday, back from an African vacation. He took a ton of animal pictures and got a gruesome movie of lions killing an impala. He's supposed to post them someplace so I can look at them.
I am going to the Canadian Rockies the week after next.