Thursday, June 20, 2013

You'll Never Guess What I've Been Watching on Netflix Streaming... I'll just tell you.  The Maze (1953) features a creepy old castle.  I'm a sucker for old movies featuring creepy old castles.  This castle is in Scotland.  The eponymous maze is part of the gardens and looks a lot like this one.

The family that has lived in the castle for generations has a terrible secret.  Many old families like this have a terrible secret, but this family's secret is goofy as well.  I will not reveal the nature of this secret; if you want to know it, watch the movie. (You could always fast forward to near the end.)

One Step Beyond  was a supernatural TV show running from 1959-1961.  I don't remember ever seeing it; perhaps it wasn't rerun the way Twilight Zone was.  (My parents wouldn't let me watch TZ when I was young. So they would've forbidden something as intense as OSB as well.)

Friends had suggested I watch Breaking Bad, since it was filmed in NM.  I put it in my Instant Queue, forgot about it, and remembered it last weekend.  I like it.  It's really dark humor.  For instance, in the second episode the main character has to choose between killing a drug dealer in cold blood or letting the guy go and risking his family's lives.  A lighter comedy would have him suffer moral pangs, abhorrence, and fear, but save him from making the decision by employing a goofy, unlikely accident to kill the drug dealer.  But BB doesn't coddle its characters.  It also does include bits of pretty NM scenery.