Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mt. Auburn Animals

Last Thursday Laureen and I took a walk in Mount Auburn Cemetery.  I was especially keen to see critters.  I'd once seen a Great Blue Heron there.

Here's a baby bunny nibbling grass near a pond.

Here's a handsome hawk strutting among the tombstones.

Here's a busy mother turkey.  We met an elderly man who spent a lot of time there.  He told us that coyotes came out near evening, and he showed us a picture on his camera.  It looked something like the following:

More photos here.:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Damp Lunch

Steve, Sue, and I went to the Cellar for lunch.  Steve got me lunch as payment for my sewing up his kitchen curtains.  He also gave me some  Thymes mandarin coriander soap and hand lotion.  They smell wonderful!  It rained heavily as we walked back to work.  Sue's shoes got soaked.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Seven for Drinks Only

Last night seven of us went out to toast JB's 58th birthday.
First we went to First Printer.  Since we didn't want dinner, they said we could only sit at the bar.  We wanted a table, so we could all face each other.
Next we went to the Russell House Tavern.  Since we didn't want dinner, they said we could only sit at the bar.  We wanted a table, so we could all face each other.
Diane suggested that this was a "dry crawl" rather than a "pub crawl."
We didn't have all night: JB had said he needed to go home at 6 and clean the house and get groceries.
Steve suggested OM, which most of us had never been to.  At last we had a place to sit down.  We got an alcove of comfy benches and coffee tables hidden behind a bead curtain, just like in the movies!  We had 2 bottles of wine, and JB had a martini.  The vegetable dumplings we got were not enough to prevent inebriation.  We convinced JB that he didn't have to go home at 6.

Afterwards Julie and I went to Sue's house to wait for Dave and drink water.  Then when Dave came, he asked us how we spelled "dilemma."  I've always spelled it DILEMMA, but everybody else remembers spelling it DILEMNA.  Interesting.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

SOS Sunday

Today Rosemary and I decided to check out Somerville Open Studios.  We took the T to Davis Square* for starters.

Consuelo Perez makes art out of recycled stuff.  Since these 2 pieces were outside, I thought it would be OK to photograph them.
The Museum of Modern Renaissance was easy to spot.
The Davis Square neighborhood is full of huge old houses with character.

 This is an especially nice bird house along the bike path.

It says "BRYANT CHAMBERS" in stone.  You'll just have to trust me.

*When I moved up east, I was surprised to find out that a "Square"  was an intersection and an undefined area around it.  I expected a Square to be square, like a Plaza.