Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mt. Auburn Animals

Last Thursday Laureen and I took a walk in Mount Auburn Cemetery.  I was especially keen to see critters.  I'd once seen a Great Blue Heron there.

Here's a baby bunny nibbling grass near a pond.

Here's a handsome hawk strutting among the tombstones.

Here's a busy mother turkey.  We met an elderly man who spent a lot of time there.  He told us that coyotes came out near evening, and he showed us a picture on his camera.  It looked something like the following:

More photos here.:


Poss said...

very cool. I see Maude in the making!

Colleen said...

Do you mean as in the TV show Maude???

Poss said...

I was thinking "Harold and Maude"

Colleen said...