Thursday, April 17, 2008

This is 73 Dana St. where I lived in 5R for 7 years. It's a house built 1898 (I don't know if it always had the weird stone front), for 3 families. The roof was never free of leaks; they'd fix one, and the rain would make a new one elsewhere. I had a spout for a gaslight in the kitchen. My radiators were molded with Victorian decorative motifs. The floors sank in the middle of each room. It was a charming, but broken-down place. You could hear your neighbors too easily. Today it still looks poorly cared for; it needs a paint job. Probably if the owners renovated it, they could get a zillion dollars for it.


Chuckbert said...

I visited you during your time at 73 Dana St. when work sent me to Boston on some boondoggle. It had a very dark bathroom, didn't it? And a nice balcony.

Colleen said...

Yes, and the bathroom had a clawfoot tub.