Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I'm Back From Canada

This is a grizzly bear we saw on our Old Fort Point hike. The Park people say to keep 100 metres away from bears. When we saw this bear I wondered, "How far is 100 metres anyway?"

Stupid metric system.

When we drove in Calgary I noticed signs saying "Maximum 110," and I freaked until I realized they meant km/hr. We rented a Camry hybrid. At a gas station, one of the attendants asked about its "mileage." Yes, they use km/hr, but they don't use kilometreage.

Stupid metric system.


Pearl said...

Hi, Colleen.

Stupid metric system! I spent all of fifth grade learning it because the U.S. was going to go metric. HA! What did we get? Two-liter bottles!


p.s. James Lileks is pretty much in my backyard. Well, not literally. But probably within a mile or two. Anyway, yes! Funny guy!

Chuckbert said...

Welcome home. Trips to exotic places are fun but getting home is nice, too.

I'm glad that you kept your distance from the bear and didn't get eaten.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap about the bear! Were you scared? I'm sooooo afraid of bears!

Stupid metric system indeed! I guess, Dave uses it as work, but what pain it caused me in school. So, what does Max 110 convert to? Anyone? Anyone?

Look forward to more picts! --Julie

Anonymous said...

Duh, I ran races in metric and would count down the "ks" in a 5k...forgot that. so, 100 meters is the length of one straightaway of a track. (not very far!!) Good golly! --Jul