Saturday, May 30, 2009

This is Where I Live

This sign is an East Cambridge landmark, though nowadays the chickens are slaughtered out of town and brought in dead. My building is next door.

Here's the view from my patio of my neighbors who live above the dead chicken place. I always wonder if it smells of chicken.

Here's the back of my building. Our rubber roof was due for replacement; and the new roof will be superior in every way. The inset shows the yellow flags warning folks to keep off the roof.

Old Blue Eyes at a local grill. A strange sign warns of wild skaters. Pugs has a loyal clientele.

Finally there's Albert's Grocery next to the mysterious Globe Department Store.


MrBears said...

Your neighborhood looks nice and has some diversity. You mean that brick building is a department store? It certainly isn't very inviting.

I also liked Franklin St. Looks like a nice place to live as long as it doesn't snow there. Snow's pretty to look at from a distance.

Chuckbert said...

Can you demystify the Globe Department Store? There's nothing on the Internet that gives me a clue about what it is (other than it is a "department store").

Have you been inside? Do people who go in ever come out?

Colleen said...

Chuck, The Globe Department Store is not a store. You can't just walk in. The bottom part appears to be the office of some computer animation co. The top floor is rumored to be the office of Errol Morris, a movie director and TV guy. He made Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control, among other things.