Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tiller's Murder

Naturally I was disgusted by the murder of Dr. Tiller, though I reminded myself that most anti-abortion people did not support violent overthrow of pro-abortion people like me. Then it occurred to me that I had never heard of some extremist or mentally unbalanced pro-abortion person murdering or maiming a Pro-Life leader or an abortion clinic protester. Usually when you have two large groups at odds over an emotionally charged issue, and some on one side kill or maim some on the other side, that sparks revenge violence. There must be some extremist and mentally unbalanced people who believe in abortion, but, as far as I know, they haven't taken revenge for abortion doctors' murders. How about that?

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Anonymous said...

So true, Col. When I was a first year at UW, my friend's room mate was the student prez of the wi chapter of right to life and he was such a freak. In the dorm room he shared with my friend he hung giant posters of fetuses. I mean, the kind of person who would do this would have to be not all right in the head. Needless to say my friend asked to switch room mates at semester break.