Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Pain! The Pain!

It looks like I have trigeminal neuralgia. That seems the most logical explanation for a bout of right-side-of-the-face pain.

It had been disguising itself as dental pain for many months. Then one evening it attacked! Ibuprophen alone could not win against this rogue nerve.

So my doc gave me some Tylenol laced with codeine. Now I know why I so enjoyed having a cold when I was a kid: it wasn't the missing of school that so delighted me; it was the codeine.


Chuckbert said...

Once, my dentist gave me a shot of anesthetic and hit my facial nerve. It felt like a branding iron had been pressed against my face. The dentist blamed me for my discomfort, "It's because you're tense!" No, it's because you jabbed a major nerve.

Anyway, your pain sounds worse. I hope you don't get hooked on your opiate.

Colleen said...

I won't use the opiate very long. In fact, I feel fine today.