Thursday, March 25, 2010

My New Eye(con)

Thanks to Chuck's aid, this eye should now brand my blog on most browsers.  The article he referred me to was useful though incorrect in claiming that an .ico file could be downloaded to your blog.  I tried it.  It didn't work.  I can recommend the Favicon Generator for turning your image into an .ico file.  Among the image hosters I recommend ImageBoo.  I tried HostAnyImage first, but after registering I couldn't find an upload button.  It was a confusing mess.
Why an eye?
This blog represents the world as seen through my eyes.  Plus I'm keeping my eye on my readers with StatCounter.
The eye has symbolized the sun, knowledge, understanding, judgement, and authority, among other things.  The ancient Romans used eye as a euphemism for vulva AND testicles.  In Latin, pupillis meant both the pupil of the eye and little child, which explains the vulva connection.  My source* offers no explanation for the testicles connection.  (I assume that the nose with the eyes reminded the Romans of the male genitalia)
The eye either symbolizes or is associated with all the major stuff.  And that's why it's my favicon:  this blog doesn't specialize; it's about everything!
*Ad de Vries, Dictionary of Symbols and Imagery, North-Holland Publishing Co.:Amsterdam. London, 1974,page 170.

Update:  The eye is not appearing in non-Firefox browsers.  We (and by we I mean Chuck) are working on it.
Update:  Problem fixed. 

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Chuckbert said...

Well, if "most browsers" means "Firefox," I guess it's working. Your eye doesn't appear for me with Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer!

I see that my "rel='shortcut icon'" link also includes "type='image/'". Would that help me see the eye in my top two browsers?