Saturday, June 05, 2010

Tapas is Tops!

Yesterday Julie and I ate tapas in the Conservatory at the Faculty Club.  At last they were open to the public again after their norovirus outbreak.  I photographed the menu, because my scanner is giving me nothing but error messages.

We both chose plates 2 and 3.  The sea bass was our hands-down favorite.  Our favorite bartender, Angel, made the sangria; it was wonderfully refreshing, not too sweet, and strong.  Two glasses was enough for us, though we could have had more and coffee too, if we had wanted.  The citrus flan was also quite tasty.  Then Angel stopped by to chat.  Owing to the  norovirus, he was down to 121 lbs.  Julie recounted her and Dave's experience with the virus, which was basically very unpleasant.

$20 for such great food and all the sangria you want is a great deal.  We hope the FC will offer this again and that Sue and Dave can come next time.

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Chuckbert said...

Alas, no Platos vegetarianos! Sounds like a nice meal.