Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Ghostly Omen?

As my regular readers know, I recently bemoaned the absense of The Bird's Nest from the Library of America edition of Shirley Jackson's work.  Then, what should show up on the hedge in front of Lamont but an actual bird's nest!

Perhaps, as Steve suggested, a tree-pruner found the nest and placed it there.....or, could it be a sign from the ghost of Shirley Jackson signaling her agreement with me?
UPDATE:  The LOA is planning another volume that will include The Bird's Nest.  So I guess I will have to retract my haunting-curse on J.C. Oates.


The Library of America said...

Colleen: The LOA is planning a second volume of Shirley Jackson's works, which will include not only "The Bird's Nest" (which is actually my personal favorite Jackson novel) but also other out-of-print works by Jackson.

As with many other authors in the LOA series, there is too much good stuff to include in one volume. The present volume was simply the one we issued first.

Colleen said...

Thank you, thank you Library of America! I look forward to volume 2!