Monday, August 09, 2010

OK, That's Enough

In the name of nostalgia, I watched some old episodes of The Prisoner.  How could I have forgotten so much of this show?  I love it in the opening when number 6's disembodied head comes barreling out at you, as though it were going to smash into your face, but the jail doors slam closed, and you're safe.  Then there were the groovy interiors (number 6 has an orange lava lamp next to his bed) contrasted with the olde-time charm of the exteriors. 

I had forgotten that The Village was patrolled by a gigantic balloon and that the ladies had smashing striped capes.

However, pretty soon I tired of seeing number 6 triumph over number 2 again and again, so I dropped it.  Here's the only bit that had stuck with me before I renewed my acquaintence with The Prisoner:

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Chuckbert said...

That clip is all I remember about "The Prisoner" and I didn't watch the programme. My friends who did told me about the episode and thought that asking a computer that insoluble question was very deep. I thought it was silly.

I did try watching the show later in life and never got interested. Thanks for letting me see the bit that I had heard about all those years ago.