Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lunch in Harvard Square

Eating out on a work day requires choosing a place that is both close and quick. Sometimes I or my lunchmate is on the ref desk right before or right after our precious lunch hour.

Naturally we get tired of the same old places.  But now we have a new option: Viva Cafe!

They don't have a web site, but they do have cheap food quickly prepared.  It's a Moroccan place at 1105 Mass. Ave. between Zoe's and New Asia (which appears to have closed).  I had a beef & lamb shawarma wrap ($5.95) which was tasty and large (though heavy on the lettice).  My buddy Diane had the chicken shawarma wrap ($5.50).  There are plenty of vegetarian options, for instance a falafel wrap ($4.50), roast vegetables & feta cheese wrap ($5.50), and hummus & babaghanoush wrap ($4.95).
Of course, rents in Harvard Square are high, so these prices may not last.

Update:  Later I had the Fez Chicken Wrap, which was quite good.

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