Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dinner at 10 Tables

This year me and several buddies had our holiday dinner at 10 Tables, which is in the space formerly occupied by the Craigie St. Bistro.  (The one time I ate at the C.S.B., I was underwhelmed.)  Sue brought us all some Christmas crackers.  These had valuable prizes inside, such as crowns!

I didn't get the salad, but I tasted Dave's and was impressed.  Lots of flavors, textures, and a subtle dressing.

I had Pork (crunchy on the outside; tender on the inside) while others had cod, pasta, or beef stew.  We were all thrilled with our food.  We ordered 2 desserts to share: TRADITIONAL BISTRO CREME CARAMEL and SAFFRON & HONEY POACHED PEAR WITH TAHITIAN VANILLA BEAN ICE CREAM & CRUSHED CANDIED PISTACHIOS.

Outside, we stand in front of the restaurant, too stuffed to move.


Laureen said...

Great pictures. That is the most beautiful pear I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

The pear was almost as cute as your pasta! --Julie