Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Beer in Old Bottles

Dave made some Blood Orange beer and gave me a couple of bottles.  He wisely uses old beer bottles to hold his own brew.  He warned me that I wouldn't be able to discern a blood orange taste, however, it was fruity and smooth.  Kudos to Dave the brewer!
You can't see it very clearly on this picture, but my beer mug has a picture of Robby the Robot.

I paired the beer with Corn Bread Tamale Pie, an old Joy of Cooking recipe I use again and again.  This time I replaced the ground beef with soy protein crumbles.  It's great comfort food for cold weather.


KarenK said...

I was looking for something new for dinner so I tried your Tamale Pie recipe last night. Pretty good stuff and easy! Take care!

Colleen said...

Yes, it's time for comfort food!