Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Policy Change

"Photography by students, faculty, staff and guests (such as visitors to parents’ weekends) using hand-held, self-contained cameras is permitted so long as it respects the privacy of library patrons, does not disrupt or interfere with the scholarly environment, the work of library users or staff or the safety of the collections and abides by copyright law. Personal photographers should not record any library patron without prior consent, and photography cannot be used for commercial purposes."

Since I have to open the Widener desk on Wednesdays, I took a bunch of shots before opening.

Loker Reading Room with the barrel vault ceiling.

The reference room (Atkins) with my back to the windows.

The lounge outside Loker and Atkins.

Stairs leading up to level 2.

Entrance to Loker.

Ancient suggestion box.


Chuckbert said...

Well, shoot! I guess I can't take my tripod with its panorama head to make Photo Spheres. It looks like a good subject for such pictures.

Colleen said...

Perhaps by the time you come back here they'll loosen up even more.