Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I still haven't heard from Donald Montoya, though switchboard.com seems to think he still lives at the address Karen gave me. I sent him the URLs for both my and Chuck's blogs, hoping he might make a comment, but no. Perhaps the air force is monitoring his correspondence, as a result of his appearance in The Roswell Incident. They may want to make sure he doesn't spill the beans about all those aliens.


Chuckbert said...

My note to Don has also come up empty. The post office didn't return it as undeliverable this time so I guess it did get to him.

Don, come out, come out wherever you are!

Anonymous said...

Rats! Perhaps it was those aliens who didn't like Don's appearance in The Roswell Incident. There's really no telling where he is now. Or who he is...

Until I can figure out how to get this Google thing to let me log in consistently, I'll be a nonymous. Everyone likes nonymouses.

Karen K.