Saturday, February 16, 2008

Photoshop, etc.

Here's a picture of me with the fresco filter. I wish I would hurry up and learn how to do dithering and layers. But I seem to be taking forever.
My old college roomie Barb proposed that we take a trip this coming summer. In 1995 I went with her to Italy, so now it's my pick. I wanted to do one of these river cruises, perhaps down the Danube. We invited a third old roomie, Brenda, who persuaded us that Europe is just too expensive at present, so we've settled on the Canadian Rockies. As a matter of fact, my first choice would have been London; but a dollar only buys 50 cents worth of stuff there. (Will it be any better in summer 2009?) In The Remains of an Altar there is reference to a lot of Brits retiring at 50. I hope they all come to the U.S. and pump their wealth into our slumping economy. Recently I've run into groups of Russian tourists around Cambridge. I recognized the word horoshow (my transliteration), which means good. I'm glad they thought so. Do you think the English would find New England boring, too much like home? ( "I live in old England; why the bloody hell would I want to visit a derivitive England?") New Mexico's deserty alienish landscape ought to attract them. Any British subjects reading this are urged to book their holidays in Santa Fe or Taos and bring lots of money, because you need a lot of souvenirs. You need Indian pottery and jewelry and rugs! And the New York Times says these are the places to eat in Taos: Joseph's Table (108 A South Taos Plaza; 505-751-4512, Bavarian Inn (Taos Ski Valley; 505-776-8020;, the Trading Post Cafe (4179 State Road 68; 505-758-5089) in Ranchos de Taos, and Doc Martin's(125 Paseo del Pueblo Norte; 505 758 2233;* I've never eaten at any of these places, but the New York Times wouldn't lie. So spend, spend!
Well, I've done my bit for the economy. Time for a nap.

*Taking the Bite Out of a New Mexico Winter By HENRY SHUKMAN Section TR; Column 0; Travel Desk; CHOICE TABLES TAOS, N.M.; Pg. 10

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