Sunday, October 26, 2008

Down-Memory-Lane Monday: Hair Continued

When I was a little girl, I wanted long hair swinging wildly down my back. My mother said that if I was going to have long hair, it would have to be styled. She thought long hair just hanging around was sloppy. So I spent many nights sleeping on spoolies, a 60s innovation. Finally, I gave up and consented to a pixie cut, which appears in almost all my young photos.
I can now sympathize with her. Long hair catches on things, gets easily tangled, and is generally a lot of work for a mother trying to keep her daughter neat. Can I find some low-upkeep substitute for long hair? I haven't so far.I wanted hair like that sported by Vinnie Ream, sculptor of the Lincoln statue in the Capitol Rotunda.

My mother insisted on some arrangement like this lady's.

I ended up going the short, practical route.

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Karen K said...

I remember spoolies! My Mom also used these spongy curler things that would often become strangled and trapped in my hair, then cut or "gently" ripped out. We also had to endure home permanents. They stunk so much we had to have them applied outside while sitting on a chair in the driveway. We couldn't sit on the lawn, because if any of the permanent solution dripped on the grass, it would die. Ah, the sacrifices young women must make in the name of beauty and convenience!