Monday, October 20, 2008

Down-Memory-Lane Monday

This is my Kindergarten picture. I look pretty grim. My mother wasn't pleased with the shot, but ordered copies anyway, so as not to hurt my feelings...which leads me to think that school photos were a racket! Whom did you have to know, bribe, or sleep with to get the school-photo contract?

At the time, I hated being photographed, since it seemed to require wearing clothes I didn't like and showing happiness I didn't feel. Since then, I've realized that these were not necessary conditions. I had a similar epiphany about haircuts, which in my early days were always done with a razor. So haircuts always hurt. I didn't realize that razor cuts were a fad. One day a hairdresser used scissors to cut my hair, and I was shocked. Scissors were OK? I had assumed that razors were mandatory for some, perhaps hygienic, reason.

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