Sunday, November 09, 2008

Down-Memory-Lane Monday: Young Love

Around the time I took this picture, Karen, Louise, and I were fans of Paul Revere and the Raiders. We watched them on TV; it must have been the show Where the Action is. Though they appeared in a later show called It's Happening. In either case, we did watch them regularly and were particularly enamored of Paul Revere. We decided to send him a gift of chewing gum. I can't remember whether it was bubble or grown-up style. Some time later, we received a thank you note: a form thanking Kare, Louise, and Colleen for our "groovy gift." I don't know who kept the letter. Perhaps Karen will remember.


Karen K said...

Hmmm. I do remember sending our "true love" the gum, but don't know what became of the thank you letter. Note of trivia: About a year ago, Paul (AKA Mark Lindsay) opened his Rock & Roll Restaurant in Portland. But now it's out of business.

Karen K said...

Me again... Look how much shorter I used to be than Louise!