Monday, November 17, 2008

My Yogalicious Weekend at Kripalu

Last Friday, my friend Laureen and I took the bus from Boston to Lenox, changing buses at Springfield. Above see a charming little garden in the Peter L. Picknelly Bus Terminal.

Here I am in the woods near the lake near the Kripalu complex. Laureen and I did yoga, meditation, yoga, whirlpool, yoga, meditation, and I did another whirlpool.

The Kripalu building was originally a Jesuit Monastery, and its cheapest quarters are rather austere. I was in the top bunk of this bed in a 9-person room for my first night, after which, it was revealed to me that I snore. So I got moved to a 2-person room with another snorer and a pair of earplugs. I didn't bother to wear my earplugs and slept just fine. My roomie wore hers, and , thus, did not hear the alarm clock and would have overslept if I hadn't awakened her.

See more esciting pictures in my Picasa web album!

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Chuckbert said...

I didn't hear snoring from you while you visited. But then, it would have been drowned out by Jerry's snoring. Snoring is a good thing. It lets people know you're still alive.

Pretty aura.