Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm a New Woman!

So I got my abscessed tooth removed, and my transformation is comparable to that of the protagonist of Shirley Jackson's story The Tooth.*

Now, if you haven't read that story, I wish you would.

The dental surgeon tried to sell me on an implant, though it will probably cost $4K and not be covered by insurance.  Rosemary, my neighbor, has had several molars removed and still has no trouble eating.

* Shirley Jackson, The Lottery and Other Stories, Farrar, Straus and Giroux: New York, 1949 pp. 265-286.


Anonymous said...

I am really really glad you found out it was your tooth and have your mouth all fixed up just in time for snogging nogs and snarfing fruitcakes.

I heart Shirley Jackson.
Here is a favorite snipit:
"She flipped the pages of her book idly; it was not interesting. She knew that if she asked her husband to take her to a movie, or out for a ride, or to play gin rummy, he would smile at her and agree; he was always willing to do things to please her, still, after ten years of marriage. An odd thought crossed her mind: She would pick up the heavy glass ashtray and smash her husband over the head with it."

Karen K said...

I'm glad you're a new woman, but I always liked the old one just fine. Seriously, I'm glad your pain has been resolved with something so easily fixable. Take care!