Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Unitarian Offerings Declined

Last weekend Mary and I checked out the annual crafts fair at the First Parish Church in Cambridge.  The usual windchimes provide a reassuring continuity from year to year.

There are always a lot of knitted things, especially for children.  Recycled materials were another popular theme.

There are always a lot of pretty things, but not outstanding things.  The things didn't grab me and say, "Take me home.  You can't live without me!"  I know when I go to the Cambridge Artists Coop (for instance), I'll see lots of things, too many things, that I'd like to take home.  But this fair was only fair.  So we went sadly away clutching our unspent money.

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Anonymous said...

Col., you might like this better:
We went last year and found some awesome things--things that scream "you MUST take me home!!!" If you want to go sometime, let me know. --Julie