Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Finally I Have Triumphed!

Whenever I think of some snappy phrase or word--alpha bitch, snivelization, catmosphere--I go to Google to see if anybody else has thought of it. And, up to now, every idea I have has been thought of by 20,000 other people first.
But now, at long last, I believe I have beaten the crowd. How about this: a duel is a slay date. Get it? Yuk, yuk. So I record it here for the whole world to see and marvel at.

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christine said...

the other day we saw a TV commercial for a Dmitri Martin special on comedy central, and almost word for word he does this thing that my daughter invented 2 years ago about Creeps and Vans. we were shocked.

There was a TV show called "the class" on CBS for a bit there, and one of the characters brings a bottle of wine to a party and there is a monkey on the label. He says "you can't go wrong with monkey wine." I wrote a journal entry in 2004 that pretty much was exactly that. I pick wine by the animal on the label, and one can never go wrong if there is a monkey on the label. Boy was i pissed. and then i wondered if somoene was reading my journal who worked for "the class" writers staff or something.

never did figure it out.

I hate when our comedy and bright ideas are trumped by others. so good on you for recording your thoughts here ... for posterity's sake.

(i came here via universal hub and thought i'd read around a bit. hope you don't mind...)