Friday, May 02, 2008

I Missed the Fire on Dunster St....

...because I didn't go to work until 11:30, by which time most of the excitement was over. I had my camera with me, because I was going to take some library snaps for a web site. So had Fate sent me there in the early morning, I might have had my own photos, instead of this one I swiped off What EXCITEMENT was left? SLOW network service. The Harvard Health Service had to CLOSE, so I couldn't pick up my new glasses. Co-workers regaled me with stories of TRAFFIC jams and BLOCKED OFF streets. Oh well, maybe I'll be there for the next exciting thing.
Oh, no, here's something else that happened this morning:

Carmen 'The Cheeseman' DiNunzio indicted in Big Dig corruption sting

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