Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Satisfying Friday Night

Julie, Ann, me (behind camera), and Sue (below) enjoy a night out at the River Gods, an Irish pub with mystical and river-themed decoration.
The man at the left is a stranger. The lady hanging from the ceiling (below) is apparently some kind of river sprite.
After a delicious dinner of booze and fried food, we said goodnight to Ann. Dave (of Julie & Dave) joined us at Sue's place, where we marveled at her peonies (below).

Then we watched two TV shows (not pictured) of a type new to me. The hosts of Survivorman and Man vs. Wild travel to wild places where they demonstrate all sorts of useful survival skills. The Survivorman was in Utah; he almost died of thirst until he found a silty little pool. Then he made 5 pack rat traps with materials he found lying around and a stone knife he made. But only one trap actually caught anything. Bummer. The MvW host is a skinny British guy name Bear. His show was more exciting, and he ate a lot more gross stuff, like the big yellow thing (grub?) that exploded into a sticky mess on his face when he bit it. He also built an elaborate signal fire worthy (as Julie noted) of Martha Stewart. Good times!

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