Sunday, May 11, 2008

View From My Patio

Here you see the side of the old building next door. The bottom part houses Mayflower Poultry. Their sign says "Live Poultry, Fresh Killed." It sounds like a Zen koan. The tree on the right hides the grill behind which blows an industrial-strength fan, sending the scent of uncooked chicken outside. Sometimes the people on my side of the building have to call the city health dept. when the scent gets a bit too intense. A bunch of people, unconnected to the chicken trade, live in an apartment above. You can see two of their windows in the upper left. One of the occupants does commercial photography and makes big flashes that you think are lightening, until no thunder comes.


Chuckbert said...

That looks like a fairly attractive wall. Sorry that the aroma from Mayflower Poultry gets a bit strong now and then. It is one of those problems of urban life when annoyances from next door keep you from fully enjoying your own space.

Colleen said...

It doesn't happen very often. And my place is shielded from traffic noise.