Monday, June 06, 2011

Im/peccable = With(out) Sin

Perhaps you read my post on the word vincible.  Well, would you believe that there is a peccable as well as the better-know impeccable?

peccable, adj.

Pronunciation:  Brit. /ˈpɛkəbl/ , U.S. /ˈpɛkəb(ə)l/
Etymology:  < French peccable (c1050 in Old French as pecables; compare Anglo-Norman pecchable, peccable, pechable) and its etymon post-classical Latin peccabilis capable of sinning, liable to sin (9th cent.; 14th cent. in British sources), sinful (14th cent. in British sources) < classical Latin peccāre to sin (see peccant adj. and n.) + -bilis-ble suffix, after impeccābilisimpeccable adj.(Show Less)

 1. Capable of sinning; liable to sin. In later use also (freq. in humorous contrast to impeccable): fallible, imperfect, flawed.

1604    T. Wright Passions of Minde (new ed.) v. §4. 210   All men by nature are sinners, are peccable, the iust offend often.
1675–6    H. More Let. 10 Jan. in Conway Lett. (1992) vii. 417   Which is wonderfull how else to understand of the Humanity of Christ, unlesse he had such a soul as other men have, of itself indeed peccable but by reason of his perpetuall Faythfulnesse, alwayes devoyd of sin.
1741    G. Berkeley Let. 7 June in Wks. (1871) IV. 272   We hold all mankind to be peccable and errable, even the Pope himself.
1833    J. H. Newman Arians 4th Cent. ii. 249   At first it [sc. Arianism] had not scrupled to admit the peccable nature of the Son; but it soon‥avowed that, in matter of fact, He was indefectible.
1857    H. Miller Test. Rocks iii. 154   Fitting and preparing peccable, imperfect man, for a perfect impeccable future state.
1900    F. Thompson in T. L. Conolly Literary Crit. (1948) 137   The sublimest teaching, if the utterance be peccable, is not worth one impeccable stanza.
1936    D. B. MacDonald Hebrew Philos. Genius vii. 141   The state‥was a divine foundation and, therefore, peccable only on its human side.
1992    N.Y. Times (Nexis) 13 Mar. c6/1   Its credentials are about as impeccable as you can find in the peccable atmosphere of Hollywood.

2. Sinful, wrong. Obs. rare.

1633    W. Prynne Histrio-mastix 563   Is not the selfe same sinne as sinfull, as peccable?

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