Monday, June 20, 2011

A Slow Few Days

Last Thursday I and some buddies went to Jordan Hall to hear the Boston Early Music Festival Orchestra.  I had never been to Jordan Hall before, so it was a double-treat.  However, getting there was harder than we thought it would be.

First, when we descended into the Harvard Square T Stop, we encountered an enormous crowd.  The T was broken, and people had been waiting for some time.  Oh no!  But we only had to wait about 5 minutes.  Then we got off at Symphony.  We planned to eat at Lucy, a place highly praised at  We had 2 hours before the concert, so we were not concerned that it was a small place with only one table left.  The owner assured us he could feed us within the 2 hours.  Well, time passed and passed and passed.  And Julie asked if we were going to get our food on time, and the guy said yes.  And then we had only a half hour, and the guy said it's coming out in a minute.  So 5 minutes later we got our food.  And it was great food!  The bread looked like sheets of sponge, but it was good.

We got to the concert in time. We heard strings with harpsichord and sometimes trumpets.  I couldn't see the trumpets from my seat.  I like Baroque music.  I like Baroque art.  I even like Rococo.  I like opera that is highly stylized and heavily ornamented.  (I'm not saying I have good taste.  I'm just saying this is what tastes good to me)

On Saturday Laureen and I went to another concert at Jordan Hall featuring the guy who played harpsichord at the first one, but playing the piano this time.  There was a victory parade for the Bruins at 11, but since the concert wasn't until 2:30, I figured we would be safe.  But I hadn't considered that as the victory parade progressed, fans would be returning to the T.  As it turned out, 1 1/2 million people showed up for the parade, and the T got swamped.  I left extra early, because Laureen and I were going to get frozen yogurt before the concert, but the train was creeping along between Park St and Copley.  We made it. 

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